The Royal Horticultural Society is organising an impressive amount of activities all over the country. There are garden tours, demonstrations, workshops, and talks that all aim to promote gardening as an activity beneficial to individuals and the community as a whole.

Everyone has had the opportunity to register their own event, this could be transforming a neglected area where they live, holding a garden party or fundraising event to raise money for a garden-related project, or perhaps a sponsored weeding marathon.

Many of the events encourage people to improve their environment through gardening and there's a long list of suggestions for 'Things To Do' in your own or shared garden, why not build a bee hotel, plant a tree, a create a green roof?

Gardening improves your health

This year's theme is 'Get Fit In The Garden' and several RHS gardens are focussing on health, happiness and horticulture, showcasing how working in the garden can improve your health, there are even family fitness classes and Tai Chi instruction.

Six days of events at the Royal Gardens at Highgrove feature a festival of plants, produce and crafts. Other gardens will offer opportunities to 'meet the gardener' or cookery demonstrations that make the most of garden produce.

On National Gardens Open Day on Friday 15 April, it will be your chance to visit the superb RHS Gardens at Wisley in Surrey, Hyde Hall in Essex, Rosemoor in North Devon and Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire free of charge.

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