GardenSite Visits AQUA 2013 Trade Show in Telford

AQUA is the largest aquatics and water gardening trade event in the UK. In 2011 the show attracted 82 key exhibiting suppliers and over 1,400 visitors to the Telford International Centre.

Created by Andy Hobson (Alumni) on Thursday, 10th of October, 2013.
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Gardensite Visits AQUA 2013 Trade Show

The show takes place from the 9 - 10 October 2013 and we will be posting videos, updates and pictures from the show, so please keep an eye on our Blog.

At The Show As It Happens...


Gnome place like home...Hand crafted water spitters from Bermuda water gardens. 3 new in the range. We love the Kingfisher.


Bermuda will have a budget range of filters for 3000 gallons (9 watt UV) to retail for approx £79.99. Ideal to be used for any of the Bermuda range of ponds.


For the first time Rolf C Hagen are at the show with the biggest stand around. This is the place to be this year.  The Fluval range of products are growing with the new range of FluvalSea being well received this year. They have continued to expand the range.


Reefone have an impressive stand yet again. Dressed to impress. The Biorb is still ahead of its time with unique filter system. Simply leaders in design with a modern look to suit any home.


Evolution Aqua are here with award winning bacteria products, Pure Pond, Pond Bomb and Pure Marine. They have launched a unique range of aquariums for marine fish using the unique K1 filter technology.


Interpet launch over 50 new products for 2014.


Andrew Hall discovers possibly the smallest aquarium air pump.

11.48 am

New river reef aquariums, touch technology LED 50,000 hours of life from £129.99.


Wireless innovation from Blagdon...Simply Plug and Play...Massive attraction at the show. Chris Moor from Bladgon said what an idea! last 14.5hrs from a 3hr charge. RRP to be £159.99. Six in range.


Blagdon launch wireless fountains NOT SOLAR rechargeable (like a drill).


David Coton meets with Danny Crook head of OASE technical, its nice to put a face to a name as OASE offer exceptional support in customer services and technical support based in their UK offices in Hampshire.


Andy Bond said OASE have had a fantastic show already and everyone seems upbeat looking forward to next season.


OASE self contained water features no pond needed.


OASE launch Eden range of aquarium products. Bringing the outdoors indoors.


Exciting new product spotted. Koi Pro Ozone UVC 'orp' system.


Steven Cooper from Lotus announces all pumps from Lotus will be made in Italy. This is a big step to rejuvenating the pumps on the market in the UK giving more customers more choice.


Lotus is back as a stand alone brand for 2014. For a beautiful garden, just add water.


New product winner. Flat packed Tuscany Aquaview from Lotus. RRP £499. Fits sectional pond.


Andrew Hall and David Coton arrive for a day of excitement at the Aqua show. Looking forward to the exciting ranges for next year from companies like OASE, Bermuda, Hozelock and Tetra.

Further Information

The Aqua Trade Show website is

For all your aquatics needs visit our Garden Centre Aquatics Showroom or visit us online at

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