Ecom Expo at the NEC Birmingham

Today we are visiting the Internet Retailing Expo at the NEC in Birmingham, it's an exciting opportunity to add to our knowledge about retailing on the internet and meet some of the big players like Facebook and Google.

Created by Andy Hobson (Alumni) on Wednesday, 20th of March, 2013.

David Coton at the Ecom Expo

We have had a chance to speak with Facebook, who have taught us a great deal about how we should interact with our customers and how to use it appropriately to bring news, information and also special offers to everyone through their social media platform.

Based in Birmingham

Being based in the Birmingham area ourselves, it's a valuable exhibition centre for us to be able to easily visit and learn new ideas from events such as this one, which we are currently enjoying.

David Coton, one of our partners has already met PayPal today, who we have been accepting payment through for some time now as an alternative payment method to using credit/debit cards.

Fraud Prevention

We have been able to find out about internet fraud, and the best possible ways to prevent it, learning from Tony Sales seminar, who defrauded over £30,000,000 from retailers and has now turned over a new leaf, teaching about how to secure your business against fraud. A lot of measures which are already in place at

The exhibition is currently running today and tomorrow, doors open at 09:30am and close at 4:00pm. So if you're interested please see their website for more details:

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