Spring Flowering Bulbs

Early September is the ideal time to buy spring flowering bulbs, plant them now and David Hall says that you will have a fabulous display of colour next year.

Created by David Hall on Wednesday, 10th of September, 2014.
Updated on Monday, 30th of January, 2017.

Spring bulbs, including lots of colourful varieties of narcissi (daffodils), will soon be arriving at garden centres, but bear in mind that tulips should be purchased and planted later in the year.

Here are my top 5 daffodil recommendations for any garden:

1: February Gold

'February Gold' stands about 8 inches tall, a pretty daffodil with gold petals and a slightly darker yellow cap. 'Jack Snipe' is a bi-colour alternative with its yellow trumpet straining forward from splayed back petals of pure white.          

2: Jack Snipe

'Ice Follies', a standard size daffodil at 14 inches tall sports the same yellow and white colour scheme as 'Jack Snipe', yet the petals and trumpet are more rounded with smoother lines creating a much softer and more subtle effect.

3: King Alfred

Among the garden daffodils 'King Alfred' has been most aptly named for it is without doubt the single most popular daffodil. It may have many pretenders, but it still wears the crown. Its luminous yellow heads are synonymous with a British springtime. Plant at least 6 inches deep for the very best results. 

4: Cassata

'Cassata' is unusual for it has a deeply cut open yellow trumpet, that is shaped like butterfly wings. Pale yellow rounded petals serve to highlight the unusual shape of the trumpet.

5: Golden Ducat

'Golden Ducat' is one of the many mid-seasoned flowering varieties, a pure yellow double form with pointed petals that spiral outwards from the heart of the bloom.

Planting The Bulbs

Bulbs will do well in any soil as long as it's well drained. If you happen to have clay soil, dig deeper than usual and plant the bulbs on grit or else the bulbs will rot.

Be careful to plant the right way up, with the 'nose' at the top. Planting depth will depend on the type of bulb but normally twice or three times as deep as the bulb will suffice. If the bulbs are too shallow they will not flower.

Where To Plant

Plant bulbs in groups where there is full sun or semi-shade although bluebells and crocuses prefer more dappled shade. 

Locations can be quite varied. Think about filling the border with colour before shrubs come into flower or naturalize them in the lawn. 

For the latter, scatter the bulbs and plant them in a haphazard fashion using a bulb planter and then putting back the grass and earth.

Bulbs also look superb in containers which can of course be moved around the garden to where they look most effective. After the bulbs have flowered, the containers can be moved out of view.

After Flowering

Foliage should only be removed after it has died off, the bulb uses the foliage to gather energy, so don't tie the leaves either.

Feeding bulbs is recommended, seaweed, liquid manure, or high potash fertilizer if they are in a planter would be suitable. A mulch of well rotted manure or compost would also be advisable if they are in a border.

If the bulbs are naturalized you can't cut the particular area of grass where they are located for several weeks, so early flowering bulbs may be preferred.

When they appear, bulbs offer bright early season colour when the rest of the garden is still dormant and monochrome. These harbingers of spring are a welcome indication that the worst of the winter is past and you realise what a fine investment you made during the previous autumn.

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