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Thinking outside the box isn't commonly associated in the world of aquariums but biOrb is a company who have done just that, designing and marketing a ground breaking range of aquariums and accessories that are so innovative that they have created their own market sector.

Created by David Coton on Friday, 22nd of November, 2013.
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biOrb range of aquariums

Re-inventing the Aquarium

It's now over ten years ago that Reef One, the manufacturers of biOrb aquariums, asked themselves whether there was a way to make fish tanks simpler to maintain, to remain visually appealing but with technologically advanced filtration.

Going back to fundamentals and thinking about aquarium design in a new way, they set about making a product, from the best materials available, ensuring a healthy and long life for the fish and satisfying the requirements of aquarists. Now with over a million biOrbs sold worldwide, it can no doubt be said that they have succeeded in reinventing the aquarium.

What's so different?

biOrb Filter System Explained.

First of all biOrbs are made from acrylic. Why? Because it is ten times stronger and noticeably clearer than glass, allowing 93% of light through as opposed to only 70% for traditional glass aquariums.

Ceramic media provides biological filtration in every biOrb model. Made by firing clay to 1500ºC, and with a surface area incredibly the size of a football pitch fitting into a fish tank, it's very porous, totally inert and has a unique shape that allows for the smooth circulation of water around and through it, giving the bacteria that feed on fish waste a large area on which to colonise, so keeping the water healthy.

Any excess waste is collected by the biOrb filter that has several advantages over traditional filters. As it's fitted at the bottom of the aquarium where most filtration is needed, the filter collects much more waste than a traditional one. And unlike traditional filters, they can be completely removed or cleaned without affecting the good bacteria that remains in the aquarium in the ceramic media. They only take seconds to change once every 4 -6 weeks. Oxygenation is much better than in a regular rectangular tank due to vigorous aeration keeping gases in equilibrium with the air above and well distributed with redundant gases expelled.

Although 'green water' is practically unavoidable in any fish tank, with a biOrb you will not suffer major algae problems or stagnant water.

What's in the biOrb range?

There's a biOrb aquarium for every location whether this is the home, school or office, and each size comes with a choice of colour, with selected models also offering different light options.

biOrb Flow

Viewable from three sides, this contemporary aquarium is available in two sizes, 15 or 30 litre, both are ideal for keeping small fish and and other aquatic creatures. Colour choices are black, white or silver, the tank is very easy to set up and comes with everything you need including filtration and lighting. The 15 litre model comes with a single LED light and the 30 litre is fitted with a dual LED as the tank is double the size in volume.

biOrb Life

These aquariums look like no other with stylishly curved lines and a choice of three colours – Clear, Black or White. The four available sizes are 15, 30, 45 or 60 litres with a standard or MCR light unit which offers 16 different colour and four time cycles to simulate various light conditions. Although supplied as a coldwater aquarium, tropical fish can be kept if you fit a biOrb intelligent heater or standard heater pack.

biOrb aquariums can replace a goldfish bowl with ease.biOrb Classic

It was 1999 when the biOrb 30 litre aquarium was originally launched and since then biOrb Classic range has grown considerably. The biOrb Classic Range now has aquariums which include four sizes of tank, 15, 30, 60 and 105 litres.

They have been designed to reflect the traditional goldfish bowl style of aquarium but with a complete filtration system which allows you to have a goldfish bowl but one that will keep itself clean and healthy without having to empty it completely every single week.

biOrb Cube

Clean cut with clear sides and a clear, white or black base, the 30 or 60 litre biOrb Cube arrives with everything you need including a discrete filter, air pump, air stone and water treatments. In addition to biOrb's normal LED lightiung, you can choose multi-colour illumination that's remotely controlled.

biOrb Halo

A seamless aquarium due to its hidden waterline, these are stylish tanks that are very easy to set up. With everything supplied in the box, this type of tank is perfect for the novice fishkeeper, and you have the choice of standard LED lighting or a calming effect that replicates moonlight and is controlled remotely.

biOrb Tube

Suitable for positions where the biOrb might not fit, the biUbe offers a completely different look as it's cylindrical with a large floor area. Made from strong, crystal clear acrylic and supplied complete with a 5 stage internal filter, the lid and base bands can be changed to a different colour. There are three tank sizes, and the 360º view benefits from various light settings from daylight to moonlight and back again. 

Baby biOrb 15

A simple and affordable introduction to fish keeping that has everything you need to keep a few minnows. Now upgraded to come with a single LED light unit so no more changing those halogen lamps. As standard you can choose between silver or black trim. 

biOrb 30

This is the original and still popular aquarium with a choice of lighting and heating options for keeping fancy goldfish and small tropical fish. You can purchase this aquarium with a standard dual LED or upgrade to the Intelligent LED unit. 

biOrb 60

Suitable for larger fish and ideal for a saltwater aquarium, there's also plenty of space for aquascaping. There are two light options again with this model, standard or intelligent that uses long life LEDs.

biOrb 105

Added into the biOrb Classic range to give people with larger fish the option to have an impressive biOrb tank. It is the largest model but still small on maintenance. Equipped with an intelligent 24 hour light and suitable for larger tropical or marine fish.

Interested in a biOrb aquarium? Visit our biOrb shop.

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