Most Common Plastic Sheds FAQ's

Due to their strength and resistance to corrosion, sheds manufactured from modern plastics are now competing with metal and timber sheds in popularity

Created by David Coton on Monday, 1st of September, 2014.
Updated on Thursday, 23rd of February, 2017.

Plastic Sheds FAQs

Plastic Sheds are sure to become even more popular in the future, and here we answer some of your frequently asked questions.

What Is PVC and HDPE?

Polyvinyl Chloride and High Density Polyethylene.

Why Are They So Popular?

PVC and HDPE are economical to produce, strong, and very resistant to chemicals and sunlight. PVC shed panels are very sturdy and won't warp or bend. 

Is Corrosion A Problem?

No, which makes plastic superior to wood and metal both of which over time will inevitably rot or corrode. 

Is Plastic Weather And UV Resistant?

Yes, the colour of a shed is unlikely to change due to weathering and the PVC and HDPE will not crack.

Do You Need To Use Preservative?

There is no need for any preservatives or paint.

Are They Maintenance Free?

Yes, although every so often you may need to wash off any everyday grime that has collected.

How Light Is It Inside A Plastic Shed?

Don't worry, depending on the model you choose, many have windows and skylights that let in plenty of light. Some people choose not to have windows for security reasons..

Are Plastic Sheds Easy To Assemble?

Very easy, requiring a minimum amount of tools.

Are They Environmentally Friendly?

Sheds are practically 100% recyclable and require no stain or paint.

Are there Plastic Structures Other Than Sheds?

There's an impressive range of storage facilities, summer houses, garages, even gazebos.

GardenSite stock plastic sheds and other structures from all the major manufacturers, including Duramax, Suncast, Grosfillex and Lifetime, they are all top quality and will serve you well for many years.

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