Outdoor Stoves & Fireplaces

More substantial than traditional firepits, our outdoor stoves and fireplaces generate a larger amount of heat. They come in a variety of styles to provide a reliably safe method of heating a large area, and many include grills for the preparation of food.

Providing warmth and fantastic visual interest on a cool afternoon and allowing you to spend much more time with friends outside at any time of the day or evening, the outdoor stoves and fireplaces on GardenSite are bound to transform the way you use your leisure time and will thoroughly enhance your lifestyle.

Many are multi-functional, offering the beguiling sight of flickering flames, an outstanding amount of heat, and the chance to cook fabulous BBQ style food. Using either charcoal or kiln dried logs you will be able to prepare succulent grills as well as baking, stir-frying, smoking and roasting many other favourites.

Essentially these are outdoor log burners with a flue, designs range from eye-catching retro and other innovative La Hacienda fireplaces to eco-friendly Chesney outdoor stoves, and the range on GardenSite is suitable for many types of garden, ideal for contemporary surroundings as well as more traditional landscapes.

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