Buschbeck Barbecues

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Buschbeck masonry barbecues are instantly recognizable and stunning addition to any garden or outside space. A fabulous feature, somewhere to cook marvellous food and a fireplace that will keep guests warm in the cool of the evening. The specialized construction of a Buschbeck Barbecues or fireplace achieves a high degree of safety, while the refractory concrete offers a durable, long lasting outdoor unit that will give many years of enjoyment.

Substantially built with a double skin, heavy duty adjustable grill and log store, the appeal of a Buschbeck BBQ or grill is enhanced by a choice of finishes including anthracite, white quartz and terracotta, and embellishments that complete such a visually attractive structure.

You can choose to burn charcoal briquettes, lumpwood or firewood in the large capacity fireplace, or you may prefer to use the optional removable gas burner insert that, after your food is prepared, can be quickly taken out and replaced with flaming logs.

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