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Rockeries and garden ponds often present a bigger drowning hazard than swimming pools as children find running water, fish and frogs irresistible. The plants and shrubs that tend to surround these features often obscure visibility increasing the danger.

Unobtrusive and esthetically pleasing while affording peace of mind, the Kid Safe net has developed a variety of fittings and materials that can cope with all styles of garden features. Fountains, Statues and Water Features are just not a problem.

The net is manufactured in durable 4mm High-Density Polyethylene Braid that has been chemically treated with UV stabilized inhibitors to prevent shrinkage and fading. The net comes in two colour options - Ocean Blue or Coal Jet Black.

The mesh size is designed to prevent trapping a toddler's head but large enough to limit a child's movement on the net. Once plants have grown through the net, it disappears from view.

Included with the Safety Net:

  • Netting (sizes below)
  • Anchors
  • Fasteners
  • Loose Braid

Size Options:

The pond netting is available in various sizes starting from 2m by 2m all the way up to the largest size of 10m by 6m. Please use the options below to select your required size.

Please Note:  Netting is a supplementary pond safety aid. The best pond safety around ponds is undivided adult supervision which a pond safety net can never replace or guarantee against accidents.

Select Your Options

Step 1 : Please select the colour netting you require...

  • Coal Jet Black

    Coal Jet Black
  • Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue

Step 2 : Please select the size you require...

  • 2M x 2M (6.6ft x 6.6ft)

  • 2M x 3M (6.6ft x 9.9ft)

  • 2M x 4M (6.6ft x 13.2ft)

  • 2M x 5M (6.6ft x 16.5ft)

  • 2M x 6M (6.6ft x 19.9ft)

  • 3M x 3M (9.9ft x 9.9ft)

  • 3M x 4M (9.9ft x 13.2ft)

  • 3M x 5M (9.9ft x 16.5ft)

  • 3M x 6M (9.9ft x 19.8ft)

  • 4M x 4M (13.2ft x 13.2ft)

  • 4M x 5M (13.2ft x 16.5ft)

  • 4M x 6M (13.2ft x 19.8ft)

  • 5M x 5M (16.5ft x 16.5ft)

  • 5M x 6M (16.5ft x 19.8ft)

  • 6M x 6M (19.8ft x 19.8ft)

  • 6M x 7M (19.8ft x 23.1ft)

  • 6M x 8M (19.8ft x 26.4ft)

  • 6M x 9M (19.8ft x 29.7ft)

  • 6M x 10M (19.8ft x 33.3ft)

  • 7M x 2M (23.1ft x 6.6ft)

  • 7M x 3M (23.1ft x 9.9ft)

  • 7M x 4M (23.1ft x 13.2ft)

  • 7M x 5M (23.1ft x 16.5ft)

  • 8M x 2M (26.4ft x 6.6ft)

  • 8M x 3M (26.4ft x 9.9ft)

  • 8M x 4M (26.4ft x 13.2ft)

  • 8M x 5M (26.4ft x 16.5ft)

  • 8M x 6M (26.4ft x 19.8ft)

  • 9M x 2M (29.7ft x 6.6ft)

  • 9M x 3M (29.7ft x 9.9ft)

  • 9M x 4M (29.7ft x 13.2ft)

  • 9M x 5M (29.7ft x 16.5ft)

  • 9M x 6M (29.7ft x 19.8ft)

  • 10M x 2M (33ft x 6.6ft)

  • 10M x 3M (33ft x 9.9ft)

  • 10M x 4M (33ft x 13.2ft)

  • 10M x 5M (33ft x 16.5ft)

  • 10M x 6M (33ft x 19.8ft)

  • High quality brass anchors

    High quality brass anchors
    Using a diamond tipped drill a small 6.5mm hole is made into the pool surround approx 50mm deep and the anchor is inserted, a carabiner clip then fastens through the eye of the anchor and the net is clipped tightly into position.

Delivery Information

Fast Free Delivery within Mainland UK
Delivery will typically be made within 21 working days but may be extended during busy times of the year. Extra charges will apply to Scottish Highlands and Islands. In some cases we can even deliver outside the mainland e.g. Channel Isles and arrange the VAT element for you. In all instances please contact us today for a personalised quote.

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