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Created by Nathan James Dodd on Monday, 16th of September, 2013.
Updated on Wednesday, 18th of September, 2013.

Glee Garden Trade Show 2013

Keep visiting this page for updates and news from the Glee trade gardening show taking place at the NEC in Birmingham on the 15th - 17th September 2013. What is Glee? Click here to find out more about this trade show 


Tuesday 3.30pm

Elite Greenhouse stand looks really good this year.

Tuesday 2.30pm

Willowstone has been added to our ornament manufacturer range as we liked their oriental sculptures and thought customer would like them too, both online and in our Garden Centres. Click here to view our garden ornaments.

Tuesday 1.30pm

The Storemore guys were all happy to see us and show us a Lifetime plastic shed. It was the first time we had seen one in the flesh, so to speak and we were very impressed with the build quality and the stability of these sheds.

Tuesday 12.30pm

M&M Timber were keen to discuss what customers want to see and buy on GardenSite. We offered to help come up with new ideas for products and ask our customers for their thoughts.

Tuesday 11.30am

Napoleon BBQs have had a great year because of the weather. We had a great discussion about their accessories and how their new smoker barbecues work. Read more about smoking food on a Napoleon BBQ

Tuesday 10.30am

Andy Hobson and Dan Everton from our Aquatics and Multimedia Teams have gone to Glee to capture the sights and sounds of the show.


18th September - Day Three Starts

Monday 5.00pm

David Coton, Nathan Dodd and the Zest team share ideas, a glass of wine, see new Zest products and discuss a busy few months.

Monday 14.45pm

Nathan Dodd has just spoken with Tony at Border Stoneware who have recently taken over distribution from Aggregate Industries, next year we will be able to offer a limited choice of colours for selected products.

Monday 14.15pm

David Coton has just met with Michael Stopka and Simon Routledge from Design Toscano to discuss the new range for next year. Amongst some of the new lines includes a giant Allosaurus, spitting water features and a new peacock!

Monday 13.25

Olivia and Luke meet with Shedlands. Changes are underway and due to be rolled out in January 2014 with product upgrades and size amendments!

Monday 13.10

David Domoney from ITV's Love Your Garden is on the Grange Fencing stand. We got to see some exciting products to be featured on ITV next year.

Monday 11.45

David has met with Adam from Strata to discuss opportunities for 2014 supplying Rainbow Indian Stone, it looks beautiful!

Monday 11.30

David Coton and Nathan Dodd have met with Grange Fencing and we can now offer home delivery within a 6-8 day period, possibly shorter on selected products. That's great news!

Monday 11.00am

David Coton met with Stuart Rose at Henri Studio to look at the new range for 2014, we love the Montreux Fountain! The range will feature 20 products for home delivery.


17th September - Day Two Starts

Sunday 2.30pm

Jedi Yoda garden ornament spotted as is a life size Allosaurus. Wondering if these would look good in the garden centre. Picture on our Instagram and Facebook page.

Sunday 1.30pm

Forest garden products have a large stand this year with a lot of new products on display including a new shed roof material to replace the traditional felt currently sold with their sheds. It looks really interesting as does the new glazing to replace the acrylic window glazing that is used at the moment. We also liked the new arbours, arches and planters which have a contemporary feel. The outdoor dresser is really nice too. Picture on our Instagram and Facebook page.

Sunday 12.00pm

Vitavia greenhouses have a lovely stand with all the team on hand to help answer our questions. Discussed possibility of more display models.

Sunday 11.00am

Haddonstone have a wonderful sculpture of their gardener ornament in a bathstone finish, rotating on their stand. Plenty of pictures taken. Read more about Haddonstone's new products for 2014 here.

Sunday 10.30am

As you walk in you are greeted by the Grange stand which is decked out with all their new products and a F1 racing car. Pictures taken standing next to the car. New products include planters, recycling storage, fencing and gates. Picture on our Instagram page. A two tone pre painted colour option available on their products, looks like it will really set them apart from other manufacturers.

Sunday 10.00am

The doors open and and Glee 2013 is officially opened. Robert Hall and Martyn Loach from GardenSite are one of the first to start looking round this years trade stands.


16th September - Day One Starts

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