Oase Commercial Projects and Lake Management

Oase was originally founded as a repair shop for agricultural machines in Germany in 1948. Today though, Oase is one of the leading brands in both domestic and commercial fountain technology.

Created by David Coton on Tuesday, 4th of March, 2014.
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Oase fountain at Olympic Forest Park

Passionate about Water 

Since establishing themselves in the United Kingdom in 1993, setting up a branch in Andover Oase have grown their brand with a reputation for supplying some of the best water gardening products.

Water gardening is just one segment of the Oase brand. A new segment which Oase has focused on in recent years is their lake management and they have been applying their technology to larger projects in artificial bodies of water within public parks, fisheries and golf courses too.

Oase Pond-Jet decorative fountain unit

Oase Pond-Jet Floating Fountain

One of the most popular stocked products we have is the Oase Pond-Jet, an impressive large floating fountain which can shoot a jet of water up to three metres with a variety of spray patterns to choose from.

It also comes with a massive 20 metres (66 feet of electrical cable so it can be installed in very large lakes or decorative ponds.

There is also an optional fountain illumination set which can be added to the Pond-Jet which means you can show off the fountain day or night, this is ideal for hotels or other public places which entertain people during the evening.

Oase Lake Skimmer

I also think the Lake Skimmer 250 is a fantastic solution for the removal of floating matter, leaves and pollutants in ponds and can be used on an area up to 250 square metres.

The skimmer has an integrated pump and stainless steel components that are built to last. It also has an easy to remove basket so that you can easily remove the waste and anchors are included so you can keep the skimmer in a particular area and it won't float to the edge of the pond.

I have had many customers comment on how the skimmer really helps with circulation and has led to a reduction of unsightly foam and algae in their lakes.

They’ve also mentioned that the increase in oxygenation of the water which is an added side effect of the Lake Skimmer 250 has reduced sludge in the lakes leading to a much better quality of water.

Oase Commercial Applications

The Olympic Forest Park 2008 in Beijing, China was just one of many great displays which have been created by Oase. The exploding jets of water and multi-directional sprays are really fascinating to observe. Special nozzles were used to simulate a peacocks tail too. This image can be seen above.

Oase was once again in the media spotlight more recently on 31st December 2013. During New Year’s Eve celebrations in Tennessee large crowds were amazed with a fountain and fireworks display to welcome in 2014.

Oase fountain at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

We supply the complete range of Oase Commercial items for specialist jobs, we are always happy to assist you with any spares or accessories for existing Oase commercial pumps and fountain products too.

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