New Miracle Gro Products for 2013

We are continually 'growing' our range and the latest additions are a new range of straight chemicals and fertilizers from the Scotts Miracle Gro company.

Created by Robert Hall on Wednesday, 6th of February, 2013.

Miracle Gro Products Range Expanded for 2013

Introduced at GLEE - The Garden Leisure Show 2012 in new style packaging. This includes a sealed plastic interior housed in a traditional cardboard box.

Bright and colourful these boxes will appeal to traditional and young gardeners alike and will definitely stand out on the shelves in shops too.

Some of the favourites include Bone Meal, Growmore and also Fish Blood and Bone. More specialist products are also included like Superphosphate, Sulphate of Ammonia and Magnessium Salts (Epsom Salts). 

To view our range of new Miracle Gro products click here.

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