King Kong Arrives Back In Birmingham

Created by Andy Hobson on Tuesday, 8th of January, 2013.

Toscano Giant Gorilla Ornament

We have this week taken delivery of a Giant Gorilla Ornament, it stands at over 8 feet tall with 5’8 wide shoulders and weighs a giant 120 kilos.

He is part of the Design Toscano collection, which are high quality hand painted pieces, delicately looked after from start to finish. We have even dressed him up for Christmas with a giant Santa hat which had to be hand made by the creative expert hands of Simon.

The Birmingham King Kong Statue

Many people have been mentioning that he has brought back memories of the Birmingham King Kong statue which was in the Manzoni Gardens in Birmingham City Centre for 6 months and was then sold to a local car dealer who also changed the name of his company to the King Kong Car Co.

It was then sold to a Scottish company called Spook Erection Ltd who displayed it at the Ingliston Market in Edinburgh where it was painted in many colours including tartan and famously pink! Unfortunately it is now lying unused in a car park and there is currently a campaign to get the King Kong back to Birmingham!

Bring Back King Kong

We are hoping that our stunningly realistic, but very large Gorilla Statue will help to push for this to happen, but only time will tell, even the Birmingham Mail news team were quick to pop along and take some photos of the statue and write a piece which is currently in the paper and on their website.

More Photos on Facebook

If you would like to come along and view our Gorilla, he is currently on display at our Sutton Coldfield branch, and keep your eyes on our Facebook or Google Plus page as we are going to hold a naming competition, where the winner will receive some goodies from us!

It's easy to visit our Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or Pintrest pages, just click on the icons to the right!

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