Walton's Summer Houses and Log Cabins

A guide to the range of Walton's Summer Houses and Log Cabins that are available to use in your garden, giving you a great space

Created by David Coton on Wednesday, 20th of February, 2013.

Walton Summerhouse

What's the difference ?

Waltons manufacture an extensive collection of Summer Houses and Log Cabins, both require similar installation and maintenance and come in many styles using sturdy weatherproof tongue and groove construction. 

Summer Houses range from the traditional to the modern while Log Cabins tend to appear fairly traditional.  However the main difference is size, Summer Houses on the whole are smaller and therefore more appropriate for an average sized garden, Log Cabins are larger and also therefore more expensive.

Summer Houses

There is a huge selection to choose from, traditional, contemporary, single door, double door, those specially designed to fit into corners and also others best described as garden rooms.

The Sussex exemplifies the good looks expected from a Walton's summer house with a verandah and apex roof, both it and the Bournemouth are designed to have plenty of space for you to enjoy the sunshine. Complementing them is the Helios that has clean lines and and a gently curved pent roof that it practical and stylish.

The Contemporary Garden Room summer houses have a useful side shed and give 50s' styling an up to date twist while the Villa Large Garden Room has an attractive open corner veranda with a slatted roof that would be be ideal for planting climbers. The Buttermere Octagonal summer houses will really add elegance to any garden and there are also several corner summer houses that will fit neatly into a garden recess.

Log Cabins

You're also not short of choice for log cabins.  Mini Log Cabins are the ideal solution for people with small to medium gardens who are looking to add an additional room to their home on a budget. The Greenacre range, all made from high quality Baltic sourced pine and featuring Georgian windows, is extensive - from a cleverly designed 3m x 3m cabin to the large and stylishly designed Home Office Executive and Director log cabins that can also act as second living rooms, and the sophisticated and stunning Lodge Corner Cabins.

The Deco style is a unique design with a split roof that allows light to flood inside with increased interior head height. Zen cabins have a flat roof and glazed double door entrance, perfect for a garden room while one of the more traditional cabins is the Pool House which has a definite New England feel. Double doors lead from a large covered verandah and seating area in the Main Log Cabin and the range is completed with several practical workshops, garages and carports.   

According to Waltons the top ten uses their customers find for a Summer House or a Log Cabin are: Family Room - Chill Out Zone - Home Cinema - Children's – Nursery - Home Gym - Garden Office - Study Room - Hobby Room - 'Man Cave' - Beauty Salon

If you have any other ideas let us know!

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