Outdoor Storage Solutions For Snowy Weather

During bad weather like the recent snow, outside storage provides particularly useful extra space for sheltering anything from garden tools and equipment to bikes and sunbeds, protecting them from the elements and also potential theft. We spend enough on these items, so it is only sensible to look after them rather than watch them rust and corrode.

Created by Robert Hall on Thursday, 24th of January, 2013.

Outdoor Storage in Snowy Weather


Trimetals make specialist cycle stores that offer effective protection from the weather and hide your prized mountain bike away from view. They come in various styles and can be used to secure other valuable items such as golf clubs and lawn mowers. The same company also market larger motorcycle stores that are large enough to shelter quad bikes and similar vehicles. In addition, Asgard manufacture bike stores to a slim design that allows easy access.


Asgard manufacture secure storage units made from galvanised steel with a waterproof finish. The range includes holiday home and caravan stores that will fit into restricted areas that aren't being utilised, bicycle sheds including a double ended model for two bikes, gas bottle stores, home delivery boxes so that the postman doesn't have to leave parcels with your neighbour – leave it open and then it will lock after your parcel has been delivered - and school playground storage and lockers.

Biohort StoreMax

Alternatively the larger models in the Biohort StoreMax range of utility storage boxes, with coated aluminium roll up shutters are big enough for a scooter or bicycle. Biohort Leisure Time boxes come in three sizes and are large enough to conceal seat cushions, sun beds, folding chairs and all sorts of different leisure articles. The are rain proof, lockable, ventilated and have an integral steel floor.


The range of Suncast storage solutions is exceptional. All the way from the US, they are low maintenance, good looking and durable. Attractive garden benches, seats and deck boxes with rattan or wickerwork decoration double up as storage spaces and are the ideal way to put garden essentials tidily out of sight. They also offer a variety of vertical and horizontal storage options in various sizes up to a 9 cubic metre capacity shed.

Log and Tool Stores

A Forest tool chest will fit into a narrow walkway, their garden chest has a removable front for easy access, and in addition to various other types of garden store there is the the stylish tall tool store with a zinc roof is designed for hiding away spades, rakes and forks.

If you have a log burner, you'll need dry wood to get maximum heat rather than smoke and tar disappearing up the chimney. Protect and dry your solid fuel in one of a range of log stores that feature slatted sides and a raised floor to enable free circulation of air while a roof keeps the timber nice and dry.

All your garden and allotment tools and equipment as well as chairs, cushions and the like, need protection from the wind and rain and all that the British weather can throw at them, in addition to offering the security that is necessary for valuable items. All these garden stores a built for that purpose and there is one to suit everyone's purpose and pocket.

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