Christmas Twig Lights

Created by Martyn Loach on Tuesday, 27th of November, 2012. Updated on Wednesday, 16th of October, 2013.

Christmas Twig Trees

Glacial, Glistening, Glittering, maybe even Glamorous. Forget about 4G broadband, you can now have the latest 4G Christmas lighting.

It comes in the form of Twig Lights that grow more popular each year. To keep up with the demand, there are plenty of new designs. Easily put into place, their effect is striking, really lighting up your Christmas in both house and garden.

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Natural Looking or Not

Twig Light Trees can be naturalistic, shaped like a willow or a cherry tree, frosted or illuminated. With an LED on the end of each twig, the tree seems as though it is illuminated by a mass of snow drops. A brilliant effect that will prove a dazzling addition to your Christmas decorations.

So they look perfect in any situation, trees come in various heights. From the beautifully formed 45cm bonsai Cherry Blossom Tree that can sit on a table or sideboard through to a 180cm Christmas Tree.

Available in Different Colours

Some offer a choice of colour. Depending on the style you could have a beautiful pink or blue effect, white or warm white, clear or even a mixture. And there are different lighting effects.

The cherry tree lights are in the shape of delicate blossoms, there is a pussy willow whose lights are fluffy and white, and another tree that is covered with exquisite crystal snow flakes. One other tree has blue LEDs backed by acrylic leaves that looks simply stunning.

Line Your Walkway

Twigs can also be bought separately, simply spiked into the earth along a walk way or they can look equally stunning as a group. Choose from static lights or ones with a twinkle. Sculptures are bound together twigs interwoven with LEDs, a modern masterpiece at an affordable price that looks fabulous throughout the year, lighting up a dark corner or as a centrepiece to a table.

Other Shapes and Styles

Another ornament that will evoke the Christmas spirit, but not look out of place for the rest of the year, is a charmingly rustic star shaped twig arrangement, either coloured in a natural shade or in red. Use a ribbon to hang them in a window or or fireplace.

So there you have it, twig lights can offer effects from the dainty to the stunning, they are versatile, energy efficient and easy to set up. They also sell rather quickly, so don't miss out on something that will really light up your Christmas this year.

Further Information

Visit Hall's Garden Centre in Birmimgham or go online to GardenSite to see a wide range of Christmas Twig Trees for sale.

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