Chimeneas, Firepits and Heatstrips

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Our outdoor heating range provides an extensive range of firepits, La Hacienda chimeneas and wood fired ovens which can help to create a warm and cosy atmosphere within your garden or patio area. Perfect for spending extra time outside during the long evenings and nights, relaxing and spending time with friends and family with the glow of the flames dancing around.

Firepits provide a safe and stylish way to heat your outdoor area. Your guests will be impressed with their timeless modern styles as they provide a warm, cosy and comfortable aura.

Chimeneas not only provide heat and light but also create an attractive garden or patio feature. Their solid and durable construction provides a long-lasting focal point.

Heatstrips are modern electrical units which can be used indoors or outdoors, providing an ambient amount of heat in a cost-effective manner without the need to refill with charcoal, wood or briquettes.

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