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StoreMax 120 Free UK

StoreMax 120

A versatile and functional storage system for garden and leisure items. The StoreMax 120 can be easily accessed from the top or front, the shutters slide smoothly open as they are manufactured from top quality coated aluminium. The side walls are made of hot dipped polyester coated galvanised steel which ensures strength and durability. Dimensions: Height 109cm, Width 73cm, Length 117cm, Weight 39kg.

StoreMax 160 Free UK

StoreMax 160

Access is easy to the StoreMax 160, the shutter will smoothly slide open, either the top or front to reveal all the items that are safely stored protected from the weather and theft. StoreMax boxes will retain their smart appearance, they are manufactured with hot dipped galvanised steel and this has a polyamide coating, making strong material very tough. Dimensions: Height 120cm, Width 78cm, Length 163cm, Weight 50kg.

StoreMax 190 Free UK

StoreMax 190

If you have belongings that need protection against the weather or may just look untidy lying around, then the StoreMax 190 offers the maximum capacity in the minimum space. Easy to access and secure, the StoreMax is tough and durable, as well as good looking and value for money. There's a choice of colours, shelving options and a 20 year guarantee. Dimensions: Height 136cm, Width 97cm, Length 190cm, Weight 65kg.

BioHort Equipment Locker Free UK

BioHort Equipment Locker

The Biohort Equipment Locker can be an enormous help in tidying and organising your living and working space, inside or outside. Easy to assemble and made from robust galvanised steel, the locker is weatherproof and secure, with a 20 year no rust perforation guarantee. Dimensions: Height 182.5cm, Width 83cm, Length 155cm, Weight 71kg.

Biohort Leisure Time Box 100 Free UK

Biohort Leisure Time Box 100

The 100cm wide Leisure Box by BioHort allows you to hide away everything that is out of place in the garden. Weather proof storage for many items including seat cushions, sun beds, folding chairs and toys. Dimensions: Height 60cm, Width 100cm, Depth 45cm, Weight 16kg.

Biohort Leisure Time Box 130 Free UK

Biohort Leisure Time Box 130

To tidy your garden during the summer, or store items in the winter, the Leisure TIme Box 130 will be perfect. Fully weatherproof, the box combines strength and durability with a 20 year anti-perforation guarantee. Strong and secure, everything inside will be kept in great condition. Dimensions: Height 70cm, Width 133cm, Depth 61cm, Weight 24kg.

Biohort Leisure Time Box 180 Free UK

Biohort Leisure Time Box 180

This is a high capacity storage box that can be filled with anything that clutters your garden, the edge of a swimming pool, or needs protection from bad weather. The secure Leisure Time Box 180 has excellent specifications, hot dipped galvanised steel with polyamide coating and there's a 20 year anti-perforation guarantee. Dimensions: Height 70cm, Width 180cm, Depth 78cm, Weight 37kg.

Biohort GarageBox Ceiling or Wall Mounted Storage Box Free UK

Biohort GarageBox Ceiling or Wall Mounted Storage Box

This GarageBox can be great extra storage space for your garage. It gives you a permanent place to keep your tools, providing you with two cubic metres and a 150kg load capacity. It has a secure locking system with a combination lock and is easy to access with two gas-assisted spring dampers. Dimensions: Height 100cm, Width 225cm, Depth 90cm.

Biohort WoodStock 150 Wood Store Free UK

Biohort WoodStock 150 Wood Store

To burn correctly, giving off the most heat rather than smoke, logs have to be dry. The Biohort WoodStock 150 provides shelter for logs up to 35cm in length and during the summer the store can also be used for garden tools and equipment. Can sit snugly against the wall of your house or an outbuilding. 20 year guarantee. Dimensions: Height 199cm, Width 157cm, Depth: 102cm.

Biohort WoodStock 230 Wood Store Free UK

Biohort WoodStock 230 Wood Store

For a wood burner or fire, the logs must be dry. If not they produce smoke rather than heat. A Biohort WoodStock 230 will shelter your logs, raising them off the ground away from damp. The store can be used during the summer to house garden equipment and tools. Slim and compact, the store is also very robust and can be bolted to any flat surface, perhaps the wall of your house. Dimensions: Height 199cm, Width 229cm, Depth 102cm.

Sort by: Display: 10 Items


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