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Make the most of the great outdoors this year with the helping hand of one of our fantastic barbecues! Whether you prefer cooking by charcoal, propane or natural gas we have plenty of BBQ options to suit and with a variety of designs and colours to perfectly match your outdoor area.

We sell major branded barbecues including BeefEater, Buschbeck, Napoleon Grills and Grand Hall. Each one offers their own traditional style and design with plenty of choice and accessories to match. So if you're looking to create a full outdoor kitchen environment with a BBQ grill, side burners and kitchen units or just browsing for a portable unit that fits your camping, caravanning or outdoor living style then we have one that fits your needs.

Built In Range

Built-in barbecues offer a feature rich package that can be positioned neatly in a location of your choice. You may have built your own bespoke brick BBQ to entertain family and friends, enabling one of these built-in barbecues to just slip into place without any problem. This versatility is one reason why they have become extremely popular over the years, coupled with their value for money. With quick reliable ignition, durable and easy to clean cooking surfaces, and highly effective burners, you can cook large amounts of great tasting food very efficiently. The built-in range merges modern design with barbecue tradition, ensuring that the result is delicious food comparable with much larger models.

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Gas Range

For convenience there's nothing to beat Gas Barbecues. Instantly ignited by pressing a button, the correct cooking temperature is quickly reached. The heat can then be easily and accurately controlled, higher and lower in seconds, and remains constant to guarantee food is cooked thoroughly and to everyone's satisfaction. A gas canister can last many hours and is more cost effective than other fuel, it's also clean burning with no hot ashes to collect. There's a large and varied range, to suit every budget, from mobile models to de-luxe barbecues that offer an increased level of sophistication. They all offer excellent build quality and the opportunity to cook some of the most succulent food imaginable.

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Portable Range

Portable barbecues are the ideal way to enjoy wonderfully tasty food even if you are on a day out somewhere, camping, or perhaps you just have a balcony or small outside space. Great food can still be cooked using gas or charcoal, on barbecues that are lightweight and easy to transport. Boasting high performance in a compact package, portable barbecues offer some of the sophisticated features found in larger models. Designed with ease of use in mind, these barbecues let you get on with cooking tasty food without worrying too much about technology. A fabulous choice for no nonsense cooking whatever the location, the contemporary designs look good and the food tastes great.

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Charcoal Range

The traditional and, many would argue, still the best method to cook authentically outside. Constant heat is provided by briquettes or heat beads, and higher temperatures can be attained with lumpwood. That great barbecue taste is the result of juices falling onto the charcoal and enveloping the food, at the same time the air is filled with an aroma that is impossible to resist. Heat control, although not as exact as other fuel, can be readily adjusted and good air circulation leads to even cooking. Usually mobile and easy to move around, charcoal barbecues are becoming increasingly sophisticated with added features and manufactured using sturdy top quality materials that require minimum maintenance.

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Beefeater Gas Range

There surely can't be a better recommendation for the BeefEater range of gas barbecues than they are designed and manufactured in Australia, spiritual home of the 'barbie'. There's a huge selection from superb premium stainless steel models with six burners that cater for large numbers of people to portable BUGG gas grills that are perfect for taking on holiday. BeefEater rely on two decades of experience when manufacturing feature full products that epitomise durability and outstanding performance. The latest techniques are employed to ensure gas is used in the most efficient way, so that you can cook the best food that barbecues can offer - divine textures and flavours that are impossible to replicate.

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Buschbeck Range

Standing out from the crowd, the Buschbeck range of masonry barbecues certainly have a unique and very appealing appearance with an instantly recognisable chimney that reaches for the sky. Most also have a double identity, as a charcoal fuelled barbecue and then transformed into a fireplace after food has been eaten and the evening draws in. That's why there's usually a useful storage area for firewood underneath. Substantially built, usually with a double skin, all the components are heavy duty and very durable. With a choice of finishes including grey, terracotta and white, you may prefer the imaginative use of stainless steel in the Venedrig model or the Magic and Opus versions that have their own contemporary style.

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Napoleon Range

Napoleon has always been committed to designing and manufacturing top quality barbecues from its base in North America. State of the art technology results in superb performance that exceeds even your highest expectations. This is whether you're entertaining with a stunning 10 burner barbecue or enjoying the outdoor life with a compact travel grill. There's all the options you need to prepare the most flavoursome food, choose to keep it simple or go for, among many other features, infrared and two stage burners, rotisserie, sizzle zone, even a wood chip smoker tray. No wonder this is an award winning range that also finds room for traditional charcoal models alongside their impressive gas fuelled, stainless steel clad, barbecues.

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Grand Hall Range

With a terrific heritage, Grand Hall barbecues are second to none in terms of build quality and performance. There's something for everyone in a range that now includes a charcoal model in the impressive selection of gas BBQs. The amount of space for food preparation is a particular benefit of many models while trolley barbecues are very mobile and can be quickly and easily re-located to wherever required. Also featuring strongly are portable grills for taking on holiday or a day out in the country and built-in barbecues that can be located in your own bespoke outdoor kitchen. Grand Hall have been making distinctive barbecues for many years and with this range look likely to continue their success.

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Outdoor Heating

Our outdoor heating range provides an intensive range of firepits, chimenea's and wood fired ovens which can help to create that warm and cosy atmosphere within your garden or patio area. Perfect for spending extra time outside during the long evenings and nights, relaxing and spending time with friends and family with the glow of the flames fluttering around.

Firepits provide a safe and stylish way to heat up your outdoor area. Your guests will be impressed with their timeless modern styles as they provide a warm, cosy and comfortable aura.

Chimenea's not only provide heat and light but also create an attractive feature within your home's exterior. While their solid and durable construction provides a long lasting focal point that will add modern charm with its contemporary design.

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Char-Broil Range

Char-Broil makes delicious outdoor cooking affordable and very achievable with their tremendously innovative gas, electric and charcoal barbecues. Great design is immediately apparent, and this means much thought has gone into convenience and practicality. From the simplest charcoal kettle through to the ones at the top of the range, they all have in common superb looks and ground breaking technology. The gas and electric models deliver charcoal style food with very even heat and no cold spots at a wide range of temperatures, from searing down to slow roast. This patented Tru-Infrared system produces fabulous food with the added bonus that a third less fuel is used, no wonder they have been America's top sellers for decades.

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