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Flexible liners offer you the opportunity to create a pool of any shape, size and depth. Pool liners are easy to install and are available in two qualities to suit both your pocket and your needs.

When building a pond add twice the maximum pool depth to the longest length and width dimensions to calculate the size of liner required.e.g. a pool of 9ft x 7ft x 1ft deep will require a liner of 11ft x 9ft. We recommend adding required overhang further to this calculation.

For help constructing your pond please read our guide to building a pond.

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Bermuda PVC Pond Liner NEW

Bermuda PVC Pond Liner

Bermuda PVC Pond Liners are superior quality made from UV resistant PVC with a 15 Year Guarantee. Highly resistant to puncturing and tearing. Naturally moulding itself to the shape of your pond.

From £12.99
aquaPLAN - Stephens 0.5mm PVC Pond Liner NEW

aquaPLAN - Stephens 0.5mm PVC Pond Liner

0.5mm PVC Pond Liner is the ideal material to choose for small / medium sized ponds. It is hard wearing, durable and more resistant to UV degradation and puncturing than other budget priced pond liners.

From £1.62
aquaCARE – Firestone 1.00mm Rubber Pond Liner NEW

aquaCARE – Firestone 1.00mm Rubber Pond Liner

Firestone 1.00mm Rubber Pond Liner is a high quality, extremely tough and durable Pond liner, suitable for all pond sizes and good quality installations, from the smallest water feature to the largest Pond, or ornamental Lake.

running feet of aquaSHIELD Pond Liner Protection - Underlay Matting 6ft 6ins wide NEW

running feet of aquaSHIELD Pond Liner Protection - Underlay Matting 6ft 6ins wide

Underlay Matting is produced from a strong non woven man made fibre, which is rot resistant and ensures maximum protection for your liner from stones, rocks, root penetration, or sand erosion, beneath the liner. The material is 200gsm and cut to your required length off a 6ft 6ins (2m) wide roll. Price shown is per running foot (0.3 m). Please tick the check box top left and then select quantity required. This price shows over 30% saving as it is purchased with the pond liner!

Blagdon PVC Repair Kit

Blagdon PVC Repair Kit

The Blagdon PVC Repair Kit allows for quick and easy repair to a flexible liner, as punctures and tears can happen so easily, and you can end up with high water loss, with potential harm to fish or pond equipment. Cats, Dogs, Herons, rough surfaces, tree roots and even ourselves can damage pond liner, with this kit, these can easily be repaired. This PVC Only Kit Includes 14.75ml Vinyl Pool Repair Adhesive (Works Underwater), 16cm x 9cm Clear PVC Patch and Full Easy to Follow Instructions

RRP £7.99
OASE Stone Liner NEW

OASE Stone Liner

Pebble coated liner - the perfect solution for edging lined ponds or also for installing a watercourse. Ideal for the natural transition from pond to garden.

OASE Pond Liner Repair Patch 180 x 230mm SAVE

OASE Pond Liner Repair Patch 180 x 230mm

Oase Pond Liner Repair patch is an excellent choice if you've found a tear in your pond liner. With one sticky side, which you apply over the damaged area.

WAS £12.99
NOW £6.99
Liner Joining Tape NEW

Liner Joining Tape

An adhesive strip used for joining and sealing liner, to form a watertight weld. 2" wide - sold by the metre or on a 10m Roll.

From £3.99
OASE Pond Liner Power Adhesive EPDM Fix SAVE

OASE Pond Liner Power Adhesive EPDM Fix

A High-performance universal adhesive which will work on a wide variety of liners and substrates. Ideal if you are trying to stick two liners together for a pond extension or watercourse. It's also a good way to stick down stone liner onto your current pond liner to give you a great decorative look which will not slip into the pond. This product will even bond underwater. Excludes applicator gun. Total size 290ml.

RRP £22.99
Blagdon Affinity Replacement Liners Free UK

Blagdon Affinity Replacement Liners

Replacement Liners for the Blagdon Affinity Ponds, designed to fit these ponds only. Please choose from the list the liner which you require. These liners are official Blagdon Affinity liners and come complete with viewing windows.

Hozelock PVC Pond Liner 2.5m x 2.0m

Hozelock PVC Pond Liner 2.5m x 2.0m

Hozelock pond liner comes with a 15 year guarantee. It is made from 0.5mm thick PVC, is highly resistant to UV light, heat and cold.

Please click here for more details and to buy this liner.

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